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Purchasing Survey 2017

Posted By Advisory Board, Monday, June 5, 2017
advisory board survey

The Advisory Board is surveying hospital leaders on service outsourcing, value analysis committees, and risk-based contracting in product sourcing. AHVAP members will receive survey results.

» Please visit this link if you are interested in adding your thoughts

This is an independent survey conducted by Advisory Board,

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Welcome New AHVAP President, Sue Knapp!

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, February 1, 2017
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sue knapp

From the Editor
Happy New Year, fellow AHVAPers!  While we’re sad to bid Gloria Graham adieu as she leaves her post as President, we know she will continue to be a strong supporter of AHVAP, staying involved and at the forefront in many ways, and specifically serving this next term in the Past President role.  Now we have the excitement of welcoming someone new into the fold.  Sue Knapp, Value Analysis Nurse/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY is stepping up as our new President.  We welcome her with open arms, and thought it might be fun to do a Q&A of our Past President and our new President.

Looking back on this past year, with everything that has evolved within AHVAP, what are your highlights, and what are some things still left on the table you’d have liked to accomplish?

Gloria Graham: As you look toward your term as President, what are some goals you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year?

Sue Knapp: My first goal is to maintain the legacy of all those who came before me such as the certification program and regional meeting format.  It is important to me to be sure a good foundation is laid for future administrations and a lot of that was done this year with the creation of written policies and procedures.  I also want to work on establishing a short term and long term strategic plan to help set the future direction for the organization and membership.  I look to our membership to help me establish additional goals that might include the listserve and educational opportunities.  One year is  not a lot of time and I want to be careful that whatever we work towards we do so with thoughtfulness and thoroughness.

Gloria Graham: What changes do you anticipate seeing in the value analysis field in years to come?

Sue Knapp:  I am certainly seeing more people embrace Value Analysis by expanding their programs or initiating new programs throughout healthcare.  Some facilities many have one person in the VA role and others have entire departments.  I think we will continue to see growth in this profession.   It is a much more recognizable field within healthcare and I am excited to see that more physicians are getting actively involved in Value Analysis as well. 

Gloria Graham: If you could affect change in one area of value analysis, what would that be?

Sue Knapp:  Physician involvement.  There needs to be more physician involvement in Value Analysis. We need more a multi-disciplinary approach to VA.  I think it adds perspectives to projects and problem solving we can’t possibly all think of.  As physicians become more involved in Value Analysis as a profession, then they should become members of AHVAP. This would create an unprecedented collaboration of disciplines within a profession. 

Gloria Graham: What is one tip you could share with our members that has been most valuable to you in your profession?

Sue Knapp:  Network, network, network.  Nothing is more valuable than knowing and sharing with others.  I have contacts across the country that I have met through AHVAP conferences and other events.  These people are often my lifeline when I come up against a difficult project or an issue.  Someone out there has most likely had a similar project or issue and they are always willing to share their experience with me.  Sometimes I just need a little encouragement on a challenging day or just want to bounce an idea off someone.  Value Analysis professionals are like family.  They are there when you need them. 

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