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Message from Laura Polson, AHVAP President.

Posted By Laura Polson, AHVAP President, Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The first quarter of 2020 has been one of the most challenging times I can remember for all of Value Analysis, Supply Chain and our Providers. COVID-19 has taken over all aspects of our roles. Value Analysis is involved in working with all levels of healthcare leadership on product selection, available substitutions, and even utilization guidelines. I am amazed at the tireless efforts of our peers along with everyone at the front lines in assessing and treating this new threat.

The AHVAP Website has provided the forum for sharing resources your facilities have developed and asking questions of your peers via the blog. There are also links to key information resources such as the CDC.

This viral disease has arrived at a time when we have still been fighting Influenza A, Influenza B and Streptococcal infections. The ability to test and appropriately support these patients has been severely restricted by the lack of lab tests, the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), the nonexistent capital equipment and necessary disposable supplies. In addition to these concerns, there are no clear directions on when supplies will be available or shipped in the upcoming months.

Our manufacturers are also experiencing the critical shortage of PPE for their required clean room manufacturing processes. This will impact the healthcare supply chain in ways we have yet to even consider.

It is up to all of us to work closely with our facilities and our suppliers to triage our resources and avoid any waste or inappropriate use of critical supplies. With the incredible network within AHVAP of acute care, non-acute care, affiliates and our supplier sponsors we have the ability to collaborate and innovate in ways most of the system hasn’t even thought of yet!

Prayers for all of you and your families as we work tirelessly to provide the highest quality patient care!

- Laura Polson, AHVAP President.

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Summer 2017 President's Message

Posted By Susan D. Knapp, RN, MS, CVAHP, Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Summer 2017 President's Message
sue knapp

Summer is almost over. Where did the time go? I hope you all had a fabulous summer. It seems like when supplier reps are away on vacation there is a tiny lull in activity and you can concentrate on getting some other things done. Anyway I am taking one of those moments before someone knocks at my door to let you know what AHVAP has been up to.

First-ever Value Analysis Week was July 16-22. Did you do something special? Let me know as I would love to publicize what activities you, your department or facility did to recognize you and your colleagues. Now that we have this off the ground we will have a better handle on advertising the week for next year with some promotional materials you can use at your facilities. #IamValueAnalysis.

The store is open! AHVAP has partnered with Land’s End for an online store of AHVAP-branded items. You must check it out. It even has a beautiful heather fleece jacket on sale right now. Awesome quality! You can use this link or go to the AHVAP homepage and look for the site on the top running banner.

The CVAHP (Certification of Value Analysis Healthcare Professionals) Committee is preparing to review the current content and update the exam in the coming year. We currently have 63 Value Analysis professionals certified. If you are not certified yet, what a great way to validate your skill set and knowledge. Check out the CVAHP section on the AHVAP website and look into it.

All the committees are working hard to bring you value and guidance. Marketing is planning to publish a speakers list whereby members can sign up to be available to speak upon requests from supplier companies and other organizations in the industry on Value Analysis. Membership is working on our membership levels to be sure we are inclusive of all VA professionals, new and "old". The Educational Development Committee is rearranging the Resource Library and trying to make it more user-friendly. There’s a lot going on. I hope you will consider joining one of our committees. We would love to add your energy, ideas and perspective to our organization.

The regional directors are working hard, too. They keep in touch with their members and they are all developing the agenda for their upcoming regional meetings. These meetings will occur prior to the start of the annual conference on Weds., October 18 at 12:30. This is a chance to put faces to the names of your peers from your region. Each region will get a chance to network and discuss the challenges they are facing in healthcare value analysis. It will be an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and learn from each other.

The 14th Annual Conference and Supplier Showcase is October 18-20 in Frisco, Texas, near Dallas. It will prove to be a very engaging, exciting and informational event. You will make new friends that will last forever. You will network with folks from across the country who all speak the language of Value Analysis. The conference committee had 29 presentation submissions so it was a difficult decision for them to choose the conference lineup. There are lots of new presenters this year, so check out the online program and register early. I want to meet you all at the conference.

During the Annual Conference, AHVAP will conduct a business meeting. That is scheduled for Thursday morning prior to the conference. I encourage you to attend the meeting if you are at the conference. It is all about you, the member. I will provide an update on the organization and activities for 2017 and there will some business items that will require input from you. The future of this organization depends on its members, so I want to hear what you have to say.

Last, there is a call for Nominations for Board positions for 2018. Robin Lane is the President-Elect and will move to President in January. Shannon Hicks, who was elected as treasurer for 2017-2018, is unable to fulfill that obligation and thus Susan Toomey kindly accepted the appointment for that term. Susan was treasurer for 2015-2016. Positions open are president-elect, secretary, Southeast director and Central director. Look for the qualifications for elected Board positions here.

Another reminder to please download the AHVAP app from DoubleDutch. We are planning to use this more and more to send out information as well as keep you up-to-date on events. We want AHVAP to be at your fingertips. Have a great day. I am here if you need me, so please don’t hesitate to contact me via or

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Spring 2017 President's Message

Posted By Susan D. Knapp, RN, MS, CVAHP, Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Untitled Document
sue knapp

Happy spring!  I started in this position four months ago and already so much has happened.  I hardly know where to begin.  As you may be aware there was a survey sent to members in regards to adding an affiliate member level to AHVAP.  We asked for your input and we got it – thank you!  Based on that survey we are establishing a workgroup to review the criteria for membership as well as all the feedback we received to see what direction AHVAP should take moving forward. If you are interested in joining this workgroup please let me know at

I attended the Northeast Regional Meeting in Philadelphia on March 31st.  Our Northeast Regional Director, Laura Polson, did a fabulous job with support from Robin Lane, President-Elect.  A third of the northeast members attended.  It was so well received by those in attendance that we can’t wait to do it again.  Philly is the hometown of ECRI, Wini Hayes and Bob Yokl so they each attended the meeting and presented.  Value Analysis professionals, new and old, each learned something new that day.  And many new friends were made.  The success of this meeting has inspired us to consider having the regions meet on the Wednesday of the annual conference.  Members can network with other members and professionals from their region, participate in interactive activities and panels, and just have fun sharing information.  Look for additional details as the annual conference materials start coming out this summer.

Twice a year hospitals and organizations such as AHVAP participate in a reverse expo at the IDN Summit.  This reverse expo allows us to connect with facilities that may not have AHVAP members as well as suppliers that might be interested in learning about AHVAP and Value Analysis or participate in our annual conference supplier showcase.  Robin Lane, Laura Polson, Melanie Miller and I just returned from Orlando. We presented “Using Data in Value Analysis” at a Lunch and Learn session with over 40 supply chain, sourcing and value analysis professionals.  It was the best attended lunch and learn session the Summit has ever had.  Later in the day we presented an Idea Exchange with over 20 professionals on “Integrating Value Analysis and Sourcing.” Both were so well received that the organizers of the IDN Summit plan to add more Value Analysis sessions in the future.  Well done team!  The next day all four of us managed a booth at the reverse expo as well as visited all the hospital booths present to encourage their Value Analysis staff to join AHVAP.  It was an exhausting but exhilarating day.  We all took away some bit of knowledge, made new friends and got the AHVAP name out there. 

The AHVAP mentoring program is starting to take off.  Two protégés have been matched with preceptors this past month.  This is a great program for a member who is new to Value Analysis or starting a new program or even someone who has been in the Value Analysis for awhile and just needs some short-term mentoring through a project.  There are wonderful, knowledgeable preceptors available to you. 

The annual conference will be held on October 18-20, so please save the dates.  The Conference Committee promises to have some exciting presentations and it is a great way to meet other like-minded professionals and forge some lasting friendships. I can tell you from experience that it is nice to have friends in VA that you can bounce thoughts and problems off of.  They are always willing to share.  

All our committees are working hard on initiatives.  Membership will be managing the Maturation Survey that is sent to the membership every two years.  Educational Development Committee will be surveying you soon on what your educational needs are.  The Certification Committee and Marketing Committee are hard at work on some projects as well.  All to the benefit of you, our members.  We are always looking for help on these committees.  Everyone has something to offer.  Come on and join one of our committees.

Lastly I want you to prepare for Healthcare Value Analysis Week, July 16-22.  #IamValueAnalysis.. That’s right!  We have a week designated to us, the Healthcare Value Analysis Professional.  Make sure your facility recognizes you.  Marketing Committee is working hard to develop ideas to help you promote yourself and your position in Value Analysis. Be on the lookout for more details coming up.  And please download the AHVAP app from DoubleDutch.  We are planning to use this more and more to send out information as well as keep you up-to-date on events. We want AHVAP to be at your fingertips.  Have a great day.  I am here if you need me so please don’t hesitate to contact me via or

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