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2019 AHVAP Education Conference & Supplier Showcase - Poster Sessions
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Poster Presentations

Purpose of a Poster Presentation:


·         Acquaint AHVAP members with the fundamentals of your program or project quickly and easily.

·         Use text, graphs, tables, charts, and pictures to present only highlights.

·         Catch your viewer’s attention.


Elements of the Poster:


Title: Should be one sentence describing the main message of the poster, authors’ names, and professional affiliations. This information should not be smaller than 72 point in size.

Main components: The text in your poster should be visible from 3 feet away. The title of each section on the poster should be at least 60 point in size. Bulleted or numbered statements (main points) should be at least 48 point, additional text should not be smaller than 24 point, and acknowledgements and references should not be less than 18 point.

Abstract: 1 paragraph summarizing the main points of the poster.

Intro: 2‐4 paragraphs/panels in length

Strategy: 1‐2 paragraphs/panels that describe techniques used

Analysis – Tests/trials: All figures should include titles and figure captions (e.g. legends). Include a brief description of the tests you ran that produced these figures. The Results and Discussion sections may be combined.


Discussion: 1‐2 paragraphs/panels describing the results and conclusions

References: List of important references used, in APA format.

Poster Style:

Font: Type‐face should be easy to read, such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier. It is better to use bold print than all caps when trying to emphasize a point. Use the same type‐face throughout your entire poster.

Color: Black text on white paper is generally best. Avoid using brightly colored paper. You can most effectively use color (e.g. red) in your text to highlight the most important points, such as important findings, and their significance. Keep in mind that too much color is distracting.

Bullets: If your bulleted statements are in large font (at least 48 point), your audience will know within a minute what your objectives were, what you found, and how your findings fit into the larger picture.

Text: Your poster will be most effective if there is minimal text for the reader. Avoid long descriptions and explanations, and stick to short, concise sentences that you can elaborate on if asked to do so.


>> Download the Poster Presentation Guidelines Here

>> Download the Template Here


 Submit electronically to Meagan Bowker at by September 1, 2019.


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