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All About CVAHP Certification

Getting Started

  • Consider enrolling in the Online Healthcare Value Analysis Course
  • Meet the certification requirements listed below.
  • Pay your exam fee and schedule your independently proctored exam with Prometrics. 

Certification Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirement

  • 2 years formal post-secondary education or higher AND 3 years cumulative experience in a VA role*

*Cumulative experience is defined as the total length of time employed with responsibility for value analysis activities. The experience does not have to be consecutive or with a single employer.

Experience will be verified by:

  • Submission of a letter of reference from the applicant’s manager/director/supervisor that the candidate performs the job functions of a value analysis professional and meets the requirements to sit for certification, or
  • Submitting a copy of their job description that specifies responsibility for the job functions of a value analysis professional and confirmation from their human resources department of their tenure in this role ( may be documentation from more than one organization in the event they changed employers)

Member $270

Non-Member $370

  • If an applicant does not show for the test, all fees are forfeited, the applicant must resubmit the application.
  • In the event of cancellation, $100 of the fee is non-refundable to cover costs of processing.
  • AHVAP Board-appointed, three member panel
  • Purpose is to review and reccomend action for requests for exceptions to requirements and fees

Certification Renewal

Term is 3 years

Educational Credits required for renewal = 45

  • Applicant is required to submit a record of completion of 45 hours of educational credits related to the four pillars of Value Analysis: Governance and Structure, Healthcare Value Analysis Methodology, Professionalism and Business Ethics, and Finance.
  • Preparation and presentation of an educational session will be awarded 10 hours of educational credits for each one hour presentation. Presentations must be at least one hour to be eligible for educational credits. Applicant is required to submit date, time, location and an outline of the presentation.
  • Authoring or being a co-contributor to an article related to the role or skills required of a Value Analysis professional and published in a state or national professional publication will be awarded 5 educational credits for each article.. Applicant is required to submit an e-link to the article or include a copy of the article.
  • No more than 20 educational credits awarded for presentations or authoring of an article will apply to the total (45) educational credits required for renewal.

Member $150

Non-Member $250

CE Tracking

AHVAP Members - you can track your CE's through your member profile on the AHVAP website. Follow the directions below to navigate to your Professional Development page.

Members Only Heading →Manage Your Profile →Content and Features → Professional Development

There is a link under your name and facility on ‘How to enter your CE Credits’

This will allow you to gather all your credits in one place. You can download an excel file of your CE’s for submission for renewal when the time comes.

Passing Score

  • Successful candidates will receive a certificate suitable for framing and a form letter the successful candidate submits to his/her supervisor for his/her employee file verifying certification
  • Notice of newly certified members will be published in the monthly AHVAP Newsletter and on AHVAP social media sites
  • The total passing score achieved with a scoring break-down by domain will be included in a congratulatory notice of successful completion.

Failure to Pass

  • Candidate will receive notification that includes total score and scoring breakdown by domain so the candidate will know what area(s) require improvement.
  • There is no limitation to the number of times a candidate test for certification
  • There is no waiting period to re-take the test
  • The full application fee is required to re-take the test

Frequently Asked Questions

AHVAP is the Association of Heathcare Value Analysis Professionals. AHVAP’s mission is to provide education and promote processes and information to assist value analysis professionals in evaluating healthcare services for clinical quality and cost effectiveness.

CVAHP is the industry’s first and only healthcare value analysis credential – Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professional. CVAHP was created to meet a growing need in the healthcare industry – skilled value analysis professionals who positively impact organizational sustainability and clinical excellence through patient-centered, evidence-based, outcome-driven decision-making.

To be eligible for the CVAHP Examination, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Associate degree or higher equivalent from an accredited college or university and 3 years of experience participating in the VA process.

Online education is available at There are 6 hours of engaging content, developed by AHVAP’s panel of industry experts representing 40 of the nation's top hospitals, and OMU’s course development team.

The online modules are designed to prepare an individual for the Value Analysis role and can be used to review for the CVAHP exam, while building your value analysis expertise across the following domains:

  • Governance and Structure
  • Healthcare Value Analysis Methodology
  • Professionalism and Business Ethics
  • Finance

SMT is our exam proctor. Exams are administered by computer at over 600 locations across the United States. SMT can be contacted by calling 1-866-773-1114 or visiting

To apply for the CVAHP exam, an eligible candidate must submit the Examination Application

The exam costs $270 for AHVAP members and $370 for non-members.

A score report will be issued by Prometrics, on behalf of AHVAP

  • A candidate who takes the exam on a computer at an IQT and/or Prometrics Exam Center receives his/her score report before leaving the testing center except when the examination program is in a provisional score report mode.
  • The score report indicates a “Pass” or “Fail”, which is determined by the raw score on the total examination. The score report also includes raw scores for each of the major categories of the examination Content Outline. A raw score is the number of questions answered correctly. Even though the examination consists of 110 questions, the score is based on 100 questions. 10 questions are pretest” questions and do not impact the candidate’s score.

    All who achieve a passing score on the exam will receive a congratulatory packet, including recognition of certification and information about certification renewal, from AHVAP in approximately 6-8 weeks. The packet is mailed to the address on the candidate’s application.

The CVAHP credential is good for three years. There are two renewal options:

  • Take and pass the CVAHP exam within one year prior to the expiration date.
  • Complete 45 hours of eligible professional development activity within the three year renewal period. The renewal fee is $150 for members and $250 for non-members.

The renewal fee is $150 for members and $250 for non-members.

  • Meet the certification requirements
  • Pay your exam fee and schedule your independently proctored exam with Prometrics


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