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Nursing Experts Merge to Create New Value in Healthcare

The Association Of Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) is an organization of nurses and clinical professionals whose expertise bridges the gap between clinical staff and the supply chain process. Using evidence-based data, professional experience, and an understanding of the cost/quality continuum, these professional Value Analysis facilitators guide the clinical staff in the product selection process and assist with the resolution of quality concerns. Many AHVAP members coordinate their hospital Technology Assessment committees which engage physicians in the approval of emerging medical technologies that impact the cost of healthcare.

AHVAP is specifically concerned with Value Analysis in the healthcare arena. It has emerged out of an informal network of nurses sharing information and experience regarding the best demonstrated products and practices that assure safe, effective patient care.

Value Analysis Defined

Healthcare value analysis contributes to optimal patient outcomes through an evidenced-based systematic approach to review healthcare products, equipment, technology and services. Using recognized best practices, and in collaboration with organizational resources, value analysis evaluates appropriate utilization, clinical efficacy, and safety issues for the greatest financial value.

Value Analysis Professional Defined

A Value Analysis Professional is dedicated to clinicians and multi-disciplinary teams to ensure optimal patient outcomes through clinical efficacy of healthcare products and services for the greatest financial value.

Membership Eligibility

AHVAP extends a Full membership status to any Registered Nurse, clinical and non-clinical professionals engaged in the healthcare Value Analysis profession.

Member Services

AHVAP has a members-only website that provides networking capability on the topics that are of interest to those in the field. Included in the web pages are employment opportunities, product and practice benchmarks, discussions on educational and regulatory issues, and survey results from targeted queries. A national conference is held annually for the membership to network and address key areas of focus for Value Analysis professionals.

What distinguishes AHVAP from other professional organizations with a Value Analysis focus?

Other value analysis organizations may focus on ways to reduce supply expenses and manage the introduction of new products and technologies without the benefit of a clinical perspective on their use in the acute care environment. AHVAP members bring their professional understanding of how products impact the clinical consumers in practice as well as the patients on whom they are used. They have a unique sensitivity to the impact product and technology changes can create beyond financial considerations.

Why is AHVAP clinical expertise so important to supply chain management?

AHVAP nurses and clinical professionals bridge the gap between the clinical consumers, patients, and the supply chain process. Members of AHVAP facilitate change within their organizations by incorporating their knowledge and clinical experience with a keen understanding of business and fiscal responsibility.

What does the membership do for me?

AHVAP provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and (current trends in) clinical value analysis while promoting the advancement of members through discussion and educational opportunities. AHVAP supports its membership in the delivery of cost-effective, quality healthcare by leading, (mentoring), and promoting the healthcare value analysis profession. AHVAP provides expertise and education to the healthcare community in assessing the clinical quality and (financial impact) of a product or process.


Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals


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