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AHVAP is strengthened by the skills, experience, and diversity of its members. Member Volunteers made this organization what it is today and are the key to its future. We hope you will get involved by volunteering for at least one of the committees.

Interested in joining a committee? Please contact the AHVAP office

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Annual Conference Planning Committee

Responsibilities include:
  • Plan program based on post-conference survey of members

  • Establish theme

  • Collaborate with Education Committee and Marketing Committee to select educational presentations

  • Work with Executive Director on conference logistics

  • Submit CE Application

  • Plan social events

  • Work with Marketing Committee on promotions

CVAHP Committee (Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professional)

The CVAHP Committee provides oversight for AHVAP’s Healthcare Value Analysis Certification. Members of the CVAHP committee must have current CVAHP certification. 

The Committee serves as the liaison between AHVAP and the service providers that manage the education modules, testing process, and candidate processing and tracking. They solicit feedback about the process and educational content from students who have completed the education modules, and those who have successfully completed certification, as well as coordinate review and revisions to the curriculum and test questions.


Responsibilities include:

• Review appeals related to certification program and exam

• Coordinate the review and revisions to the curriculum and test questions

• Appoint teams of experienced professionals to review and revise the educational curriculum and certification exam questions

• Revise CVAHP handbook as needed

• Collaborate with Marketing Committee to promote certification

Educational Development Committee

The primary purpose of the Committee is to encourage, facilitate and promote year-round educational offerings to enhance the training and qualifications of AHVAP members and others.

Responsibilities include:
  • Gathering information about educational needs of members in order to facilitate and develop educational offerings

  • Working with outside organizations to coordinate joint or sponsored educational activities and events that are consistent with the Vision, Mission and Purpose of AHVAP

  • Applying for CE’s for participation and completion of AHVAP sponsored educational events as applicable

  • Providing direction and oversight for sub-committees

  • Reviewing credentials and qualifications of speakers and relevance of presentations and materials for AHVAP members.

  • Maintaining and growing our online Educational Resource Library offerings by gathering and posting best practice forms used by our membership. To submit a document to be added to the library, please email it to

Industry and Business Education Collaborative (IBEC)

The purpose of the Industry Business Education Collaborative (IBEC) is to educate healthcare based industry suppliers, organizations and associations about the principle concepts of value analysis

IBEC executes agreements designed primarily as reciprocal educational opportunities with professional organizations. AHVAP provides educational opportunities on a variety of value analysis topics to industry suppliers, organizations and associations. In return industry suppliers, organizations and associations may provide either content experts, educational programs or support-in-kind to AHVAP and its members as well as the development of joint white papers and articles aimed at promoting value analysis in healthcare.

Membership Committee

Responsibilities include:
  • Review membership applications to determine eligibility or membership category if in question

  • Review and update membership materials: applications, brochures, etc. - Annually

  • Generate annual membership drive letter – annually, Semi-annually

  • Contact memberships which are lapsing to determine reason for non-renewal - Monthly

  • Contact new members to welcome them to the association – Monthly

  • Recruit new members to the association; ensure that current members receive services of value in return for their membership dollar, and retain current members.

  • Support recruitment and retention through initiatives that make AHVAP more welcoming and, hopefully, enjoyable for its members.

  • Provides direction and oversight for sub-committees

  • Conduct Practice & Compensation Survey every 2 years

Marketing Committee

Responsibilities include:
  • Build recognition within the healthcare industry as the premier organization to support and enhance value analysis processes, skills and abilities.

  • Foster membership growth and retention through marketing efforts and tools

  • Create organizational promotion and communication materials

  • Provide direction and oversight for marketing sub-committees

Website Subcommittee
  • Promote AHVAP information, recognition, communication, and professional resources for members on the site as the front line to prospective members

  • Include links with additional resources that bring value to members

  • Promote professional networking within the membership

Social Media Subcommittee (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Support communication and industry networking for value analysis

  • Capture younger generational audience

Newsletter Subcommittee
  • Prepare content for quarterly Newsletter for distribution to members

  • Contribute articles to report on organizational activities, member recognition and appreciation, best practices in healthcare value analysis, education, and industry events

  • Review and edit articles submitted for publication for relevance of content for AHVAP members

Video/YouTube Production Subcommmittee
  • Organizational promotion and recognition through videos

Past Presidents Council

The purpose of this committee is to provide a forum for former AHVAP presidents to continue to support the vision and mission of AHVAP through the 4 pillars:

  • Archives

  • Expertise

  • Guidance

  • Support

The Past Presidents possess the professional and Board knowledge and experience needed to strengthen, promote and support the organization. They lend a historical perspective to proposed initiatives and are a valuable resource to the Board and all members.

Responsibilities include:
  • Maintain the archives

  • Serve on Nomination Committee

  • Serve as speakers perrequests to fulfill IBEC agreements

  • Serve as Preceptors

  • Create and distribute letters of recognition to the senior leadership of AHVAP Board Members

  • Assist in establishment of scholarship fund


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