Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professional (CVAHPTM

Board Certification Requirements


CVAHP Eligibility Requirements: 

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Applicants must meet the following requirement experience-related required to be eligible for the certification: 

  • 2 years formal post-secondary education or higher AND 3 years cumulative experience in a Value Analysis role*

*Cumulative experience is defined as the total length of time employed with responsibility for value analysis activities. The experience does not have to be consecutive or with a single employer. Value Analysis experience may come from work at at a healthcare facility, industry partner, or other work directly related to healthcare value analysis. For questions regarding eligibility, please contact: [email protected]

Experience will be verified by:

  • Submission of a letter of reference from the applicant’s manager/director/supervisor that the candidate performs the job functions of a value analysis professional and meets the requirements to sit for certification, OR
  • Submitting a copy of their job description that specifies responsibility for the job functions of a value analysis professional and confirmation from their human resources department of their tenure in this role (may be documentation from more than one organization in the event they changed employers)

Please submit your supervisor's letter of reference or job description AND current resume/CV when you submit your certification application. Supporting documents should be submitted to the AHVAP Certification Center via email: [email protected]


To Submit your CVAHP Examination Application: 

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CVAHPTM Certification Examination Pricing:

  • AHVAP Member: $300 
  • Non-Member: $450


Candidate Handbook: 

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Exam Policies:

Please note that you are limited to two (2) exam attempts within a two-year period. Retesting fees apply for subsequent attempts. It is the candidate's responsibility to fully read and understand all AHVAP Certification Center policies and procedures. These can be found in the CVAHP Candidate Handbook.