AHVAP Exclusive Member Benefits

Upon becoming a member of AHVAP, you will enjoy the benefits listed below.

AHVAP has revamped our member benefits to include:

  • Access to Monthly, accredited continuing education for both nursing and CVAHPTM certification credits
  • Access to Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professionals (CVAHPTM) Certification and Micro-Credentialing Discounts
  • Access to Monthly AHVAP Member Resource Office Hours 
  • Access to Quarterly Regional Meetings for professional networking and discussion of hot topics with your peers
  • AHVAP Fellows Program-Coming Soon
  • Discounted Access to New Accredited Micro-Credentialing Programs through the AHVAP Certification Center: Healthcare Communication/TeamSTEPPS and Medical Device Safety
  • Discounted Access to Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professionals (CVAHPTM) Certification Exam Preparation Materials 
  • AHVAP Executive Leadership Program-Coming Soon
  • AHVAP Text-Based Hotline for Membership and Certification Assistance 
  • Ability to participate on AHVAP National Committees 
  • Discounts on AHVAP Annual Conference registration which is being held in Dallas, Texas from September 25-28.
  • Access to Educational Whitepapers
  • Access to AHVAP Value Analysis Resource Center and Tools 
  • Access to the AHVAP Forum Listserv
  • Access to AHVAP University with on-demand educational programs complete with continuing education
  • Access to exclusive MemberDeals Program with national discounts on travel, vacation, business, and other expenses. 
  • Access to AHVAP Professional Edge Monthly Book Club for Professional Development complete with continuing education 
  • Access to AHVAP EBOOKs on a variety of professional development topics 
  • Access to AHVAP Career Coaching Services 
  • Access to AHVAP Virtual Texting Help Desk 
  • Access to AHVAP Monthly E-Newsletter 
  • Access to AHVAP Career Center for job seekers and employers in the healthcare value analysis field 
  • Access to AHVAP Social Media Review Services
  • Group/Team Member Discounts Available 
  • Access to Mini-Certificate on Real-Time Leadership complete with continuing education
  • Benefit from timely information due to AHVAP Strategic Partnerships with the United States Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses, and more. 

If you take full advantage of each of the above benefits, AHVAP membership is worth $3,500 each year, but only costs $120! Where else can you receive this level of value?  


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Don't take our word for it, listen to what our current members have to say about AHVAP


Here are a few quotes that we recently have received from current members about the value of their AHVAP membership:

"I cannot imagine now being a part of AHVAP. The changes made in the last year are truly a game-changer, and where else can you spend $120 and get thousands of dollars in return on your investment!

"AHVAP is MY professional association and they are always a phone call or email away. I emailed for help urgently one day and the Executive Director called me personally within 30 minutes and helped me which tells me everything about this organization. It is a must-have for me in my career."

"Where else can you receive so many benefits for this value! AHVAP has been a blessing for me and my team as we build our new value analysis program. I really love the regional meetings and the member resource center. Both have been absolutely invaluable to me.

"Being a member of AHVAP means that I am not alone in this fight. This role is difficult, but knowing that I am a member in a group of my peers with varying levels of expertise is really helpful to me. I have found the members and staff of AHVAP to be nothing less than world class in every aspect. This is the best membership that I have and I cannot imagine not being a member.

"The level of customer service that you experience from AHVAP is unparalleled. It's basically Ritz Carlton level, and that says it all. I love that the AHVAP family cares so much about each of its members. I will be a member for life!

"I belong to several professional health care organizations as a health care consultant and respiratory therapist.  The changes that have been made over the past few months with the AHVAP website and member benefits are absolutely phenomenal.  Anyone considering whether to join AHVAP need only to explore the website to see the numerous benefits provided to members."

Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships are available for teams with five (5) or more healthcare value analysis professionals or industry partners. To setup your corporate discount, please contact AHVAP HQ via email: [email protected]

Payment Terms

AHVAP accepts all major credit cards and company checks for payment. Payment may be made online via our secure payment server as well. 



Regular Membership

A Regular Member shall be involved in healthcare value analysis functions and activities and employed by a hospital, health system, or organizations engaged in value analysis services such as value analysis consulting, cost reductions, quality improvements and benchmarking. Regular members cannot be involved in sales activities or promotional activities if employed outside of a hospital or health system.

Affiliate Membership

An Affiliate Member shall be employed in the following or related healthcare fields: suppliers, trade press, GPO’s, distributors not directly involved in any value analysis activities such as: value analysis consulting, cost reductions, quality improvements, and benchmarking and/or is involved in sales and promotions.

  • Networking with Members and Access to the Member Directory
  • Learn the process of Value Analysis and strategize partnerships with members to enhance cost, quality, and outcomes to promote your products more effectively, improve your marketing and ultimately:
    • Use less resources (time and money)
    • Proactively identify new product request requirements
    • Close more deals
  • Enhance integration into the value analysis process through a comprehensive understanding of decision-making priorities
  • Be on the forefront of industry changes in healthcare through collaboration with national thought leaders in Value Analysis.
  • Participating in AHVAP committees and projects enables manufacturers to empathize and learn the initiatives and environmental factors Value Analysis Coordinators experience daily. That shared experience enables manufacturers to develop VA solutions from a closer perspective aligned with their VACs.
  • Educational Resources (webinars, podcasts, whitepapers, etc.)
  • Meetings and conferences

Retiree Membership

A Retiree Member shall have met regular membership criteria and been a member in good standing  the year prior to their renewal, be age 62 or greater at the time of renewal as indicated by their date of birth on the application form, no longer be employed in a value analysis position and cannot be involved in sales activities or promotional activities if employed outside of a hospital or health system.

 A Retiree Member will have the same benefits as a Regular Member at a discounted price. Learn more here.


Student Membership

Student Members shall be individuals who are undergraduate or graduate students enrolled full-time in a health, medical, or supply chain-related field.  A letter from the registrar of their school or a current course schedule must be submitted to [email protected] to confirm eligibility by the membership committee.

Student Members may:

  • Receive all communications and announcements sent to the membership.
  • Attend association meetings that involve the entire membership.
  • Serve on committees, work group, and/or task forces.
  • Provide board service through an appointed Advisory Position on the Board of Directors.
  • Not have access to membership areas within the website such as “AHVAP Chat”.
  • Not vote on issues before the membership.
  • Not hold an elected office or serve as committee chair/co-chair, work group, or lead a task force.

 What do AHVAP members have to say about their membership?